Veterinarian: Shahbaz Haq

M.Sc (Vet Pathology), D.V.M., Dip ACPV

Contact Lakeside

Unit-A, 240 Graff Ave.,
Stratford, Ontario,
N5A 6Y2

Telephone: 1 519-273-9090
Toll Free: 1 855-998-9090
Fax Number: 1 519-273-2002


About Lakeside

Our practice serves the following sectors of the commercial poultry industry:

  • Broiler Breeder Chicken
  • Broiler Chicken
  • And many more…


Lakeside Services

Lakeside Poultry Veterinary Services offers a variety of services including:

  • Postmortem
  • Blood Sampling
  • Serology
  • And many more…


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