Our practice offers a variety of services including:

  • Postmortem
  • Blood Sampling
  • Serology
  • Bursal Health Monitoring
  • Intestinal Health Check
  • Oocyst Per Gram (OPG) Monitoring
  • Evaluation of Barn Conditions
  • Trouble Shooting Drop in Egg Production
  • Trouble Shooting High Mortality Issues
  • Trouble Shooting Flock Performance Issues
  • Flock Immune Status Monitoring
  • Recommendation of Vaccination Programs
  • Feed Sampling
  • Water Testing
  • Provision of Medications, Vaccination Equipment, Accessories, Waterline Cleaning Products, Disinfectants, Probiotics, Vitamins, Electrolytes and Insecticides Organic Health Services
  • Hatchery Services (ie. Evaluation of Quality Assurance Programs, Low Fertility and Hatchability, Hatch Breakout Analysis, Hatching Egg Quality)
  • Salmonella Control and Prevention Strategies
  • Feed Mill Services

Please contact us for more information on any of these services.