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Poultry Veterinary Services in Stratford, Ontario

Meet Lakeside

Lakeside Poultry is a specialized Poultry Veterinarian, serving the commercial poultry industry, with 25 years of veterinary experience. Our customers include commercial broiler chicken farmers, commercial broiler breeder farmers, commercial turkey farmers, and commercial layer farmers. At Lakeside, we pride ourselves on quick, reliable service. We know our customers have just as much passion for the well-being of their birds as we do, which is why we enjoy working with them so much.

Chicken Farm


Our practice offers a variety of services including:

  • Postmortem
  • Blood Sampling
  • Serology
  • Bursal Health Monitoring
  • Intestinal Health Check
  • Oocyst Per Gram (OPG) Monitoring
  • Evaluation of Barn Conditions
  • Trouble Shooting Drop in Egg Production
  • Trouble Shooting High Mortality Issues
  • Trouble Shooting Flock Performance Issues
  • Flock Immune Status Monitoring
  • Recommendation of Vaccination Programs
  • Feed Sampling
  • Water Testing
  • Provision of Medications, Vaccination Equipment, Accessories, Waterline Cleaning Products, Disinfectants, Probiotics, Vitamins, Electrolytes and Insecticides
  • Organic Health Services
  • Hatchery Services (ie. Evaluation of Quality Assurance Programs, Low Fertility and Hatchability, Hatch Breakout Analysis, Hatching Egg Quality)
  • Salmonella Control and Prevention Strategies
  • Feed Mill Services

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